Ezibee bida, billiards management software

Applying technology in management, using Ezibee bida, billiards management software. Manage anytime, anywhere, absolute loss prevention, making your management professional and efficient.

Ezibee Snooker billiard management system powered by Ezibee lighting control technology. Help to kill fraud free games, eliminate untrust-worthy staffs. Our statistics proven to increase your sales by 80% using Ezibee Snooker automation software. Suitable for all kinds of timer-based billiard games like Snooker & Pool, PlayStation, Rooms, MahJong, Badminton, Futsal, Ping-Pong, Table Tennis, Basketball, Netball, etc.

bida billiard software

Using Ezibee bida/ billiards club system

  • Manage Anytime Anywhere
  • Avoid absolute loss of revenue
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Save time and money
  • In-depth reports & statistics
  • Decentralization and safe security

Free download for all platform

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Ezibee Billiards management software integrates many specialized features dedicated to all activities of billiards clubs.

Easy to use

Friendly interface, prioritized exclusively for Billiards Club, makes the operation and payment process easier, professional and saves time.

Avoid loss during operation

When you are not directly operating. Ezibee Billiards will integrate with the smart electrical system Ezibee Ems, helping you manage your billiards club closely, preventing absolute revenue loss.

Stable operation

Works online and offline, works even without internet, making your billiards club business uninterrupted and stable.

The complexity of managing your billiards club.

  • Manual operation faces many difficulties, time control and billing, potential errors, confusion.
  • Controlling table/room reservation by excel book causes time consuming when checking customer information, table room when there are many guests booking
  • Difficult to not directly operate. Because when not directly managing the staff, the guest may not be recorded. Loss of revenue.
  • There is no tool to store customer information to classify vip guests/regular guests/members.

Ezibee billiards software

Efficient management, tight revenue, stable operation, management anytime, anywhere. Free download here

phần mềm khách sạn trên android phần mềm khách sạn trên windows phần mềm khách sạn trên iphone